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After Hours Clinics

RFLA Health teams have After Hour Clinics across the region for non life-threatening health care concerns that cannot wait until your next appointment with your own family doctor or health team. See below for Guide to After Hour Clinics.

Please call your own health team first, to ask if you can be seen during regular office hours.
After Hours Clinics are closed on statutory holidays.

  • Location: NACHC at 23 Dundas St, Napanee
    • For who? Patients of:
      • Bridge Family Health (Dr. Khey Beldman, Dr. Garcia Popov, Dr. Hart)
      • Dr. Lee, Dr. McGregor, and Dr. Kerr
      • Napanee Family Physicians (Dr. Moynes, Dr. Glatt)
      • Thomas Street Clinic (Dr. Morrison, Dr. Patel, Dr. T. Touzel, Dr. E. Touzel)
    • When? Thursdays from 5 – 8 pm
    • Call for an appointment at 613-539-9006 (during After Hour Clinic hours or 90 min prior)
  • Location: Rural Kingston Family Health Organization clinics
    • For who? Patients of:
      • Sydenham Medical Centre (Dr. Dietrich, Dr. Ingo, Dr. Raleigh)
      • Tamworth Medical Clinic (Dr. Cowan, Dr. Curran)
      • Newburgh Clinic (Dr. M. Touzel, Dr. Koester)
      • Verona Medical Clinic (Dr. Gibbens, Dr. Sloan)
      • Sharbot Lake Family Health Team (Dr. Bell, Dr. Cunic)*
    • When? Where? (phone number for appointments)
      • Mondays 5 – 8 pm at 3113 Rutledge Rd., Sydenham (613-376-3327)
      • Tuesdays 5 – 8 pm at 52 Concession St., Tamworth (613-379-2946)
      • Wednesday 5 – 8 pm at 5 Earl St., Newburgh (613-378-1754)
      • Thursdays 5 – 8 pm at 6582 Highway 38, Verona (613-374-2077)
      • Saturdays 9 am – 12pm at 1005 Medical Centre Rd., Sharbot Lake (613-279-2100)
    • Call: for an appointment between 5 to 7:30 pm or 9-11:30 am on Saturdays
  • *Patients rostered to Sharbot Lake Family Health Team
    • Can call the Telephone Health Advisory Service to speak to a nurse: 1-866-553-7205
    • When? After regular clinic hours, on weekends and on statutory holidays
  • Location: Dr. Sosnowski Family Medicine at 277 Bridge St W, Napanee
    • When? Thursdays from 5 – 8 pm
    • Call after 5 pm for an appointment: 613-354-4725
    • For who? Patients of Dr. C. Sosnowski Family Medicine

Call 911 immediately or go directly to the nearest emergency department if:  
you have chest pain; you think you are having a stroke; or you have heavy bleeding, fractures,

severe allergic reactions or trouble breathing, or other urgent issues.

Guide to After Hour Clinics

Before you contact the After Hours Clinic:
·  Are you a patient of one of our clinics?
·  Check with your health team’s receptionist or nurse – there may be times when your own clinic can fit you in.
·  If you are in crisis and need immediate mental health care, please go to the nearest emergency department or call the crisis line at 613-544-4229.
·  Narcotics and controlled prescriptions will not be refilled at the After Hours Clinics.

Who should use the After Hours Clinic?
Come to the After Hours Clinic if you have issues that you feel cannot wait until a routine appointment with your family physician, such as:
·  new, worrisome symptoms,
·  a sick child,
·  worsening of a chronic medical condition.
However, the After Hours Clinics should not be used to replace the complex and continuing care that your family doctor and home team can provide.

Generally, you will NOT be seen to manage:
· Regular prescription renewals
· Routine preventive care, unless booked at your home clinic
· Problems that are best suited for your home team to manage
· Results of lab tests or procedures
· Forms to be completed, work notes for absences due to illness (if exception is made, there may be a charge)
· Requests for referrals

For health advice, beyond these After Hours Clinics hours or anytime 24 hours a day, seven days a week:
– call Health Connect Ontario at 811 to speak to a registered nurse, or
– visit the Health Connect Ontario website to access many resources available online